2018 Tamar Valley Guild Competition

Results from the 2018 Tamar Valley Guild Ringing Competition held at Clawton on 13th October

A Section

  1. Clawton 21
  2. Monkleigh A 23
  3. Lamerton 48

B Section

  1. Bridgerule 36
  2. Monkleigh B 51½

Open Section

  1. Shaugh Prior 11½
  2. Clawton 27
  3. St Columb Major (second peal) 31
  4. Holbeton 34½
  5. Lamerton 42½
  6. St Columb Major (first peal) 47

Judge: James Clarke

One comment on “2018 Tamar Valley Guild Competition
  1. helen rosemary beaufoy says:

    My friend is staying in Exeter for a few weeks. Where can she go to experience some really good call change ringing? She is a method ringer, but hasn’t heard any good call change ringing. Thanks very much, Helen

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