Devon Church Bell Restoration Fund

On 26 February 2022 the DCBRF celebrated its 50th anniversary.  From a very steady start in the early 70’s giving as little as £25 to projects, the fund has grown into a major source of income for all restoration jobs in Devon with our largest grant of £15,000 given in 2018 for the rehanging of the 8 bells at Ugborough.

The Devon Church Bell Restoration Fund (DCBRF) is a registered charity (no. 276490) which exists to help finance bell restoration work within Devon. Since its inception in 1972 the fund has paid out 285 grants to churches in Devon (some more than once) totalling more than £330,000

How to donate


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What does the DCBRF do?

Woodbury - passing through the ringing chamber

Devon has more church bells than any other county and whilst our financial position has changed in the last few years we still need to raise funds to maintain the bell installations. To contribute to this fund or for more information about the DCBRF please contact the Secretary Janet Deem, or the Treasurer Mary Mears.

Grants paid out in 2021
  • Ermington £1,200
  • Shaugh Prior £900
  • Axminster £950
  • Pilton £3,000
  • Dunkeswell £1,900
Grants awarded (but not paid)
  • Bigbury £6,250
  • Milton Abbot £9,000
  • East Anstey £5,700
  • Butterleigh £2,400
  • Ilfracombe, Pip & J £5,300
  • Hatherleigh £8,100
  • Denbury £9,200
  • Broadhempston £1,000
  • Cadbury £6,000
  • Huntshaw £3,700

All of these grants are for work on the bells to make them:

a. ringable
b. easier to ring, or
c. safe to ring

We have committed funds of £65,650, leaving approximately £13,000 of cash available for grant applications.  Nine application forms have been sent out but not returned.  Based on our current 10% donation we would expect to be around £30,000 short if all forms were received prior to the next meeting in November.  All donations are always gratefully received and made very good use of.  We virtually always spend all our income each year including that earned from our investments.  As expected, 2021 saw our income fall from previous highs of £23,000 to £15,000. The good news is that we have received nearly £1,000 from donations made using the CAF button above and we also have a steady trickle coming from people using Smile.Amazon for their on-line shopping.  Both of these initiatives were started during the Covid lockdown but will continue in this digital age making giving to the fund so much easier. requests received can be awarded a meaningful amount.

Woodbury Tenor with canon retaining headstock
Woodbury: Tenor with canon retaining headstock
Woodbury - waiting for the forklift
Woodbury: waiting for the forklift