New call change practice sessions at St Paul’s, Tiverton

Tim Jones has been given the go-ahead for additional ringing sessions at St Paul’s in Tiverton (the light 6) on a trial basis on the first and third Sunday evenings of the month starting in February. The first session would be the 3rd February.

To complement the good work already going on in our tower it is proposed that there is an hour’s call-change ringing from 5.30 to 6.30. The bells are light enough to allow us to ring up and down more than once in this time, and see what potential there is to revive competition-style ringing in this area.

All are welcome, though it may not be ideal for learners who cannot ring rounds competently because they could be hanging around a long time for a ‘go’.

It is worth noting also that on the second Sundays of February, March and April there will be ten-bell call change ringing at Cullompton, again on a trial basis, from 5.00-6.00. Great that the evenings don’t clash!

It would be good if people could let Tim (tim[at]bankend[dot]net) know if they hope to come on 3rd Feb, and he’ll confirm whether there is enough interest.