From the Chairman:

All competition dates that appear on the website are now correct which hopefully clears up any ambiguity or confusion that’s been floating around recently. The reason for other dates being advertised (and unfortunately mentioned at the AGM) was that no one picked up the error at the time and it has only recently been highlighted.

We apologise for any inconvenience this unfortunate error has caused and without wishing to apportion blame or find excuses, this was possibly a result of all officers changing posts simultaneously. As we all know, traditionally the eliminators take place on the 2nd Saturday in May, with the Minor final on the 4th Saturday in May and the Major final on the 2nd Saturday in June.

Hopefully we aren’t contravening any rules having gone against what was in fact discussed and subsequently decided upon at the AGM. Should this need further discussion we can ensure it gets put on the agenda for the next committee meeting in February.

Ian Avery – Chairman