Devon Association 300 Club

To all Ringers,

I do not know if you are all aware but the Association will not be holding an Annual Draw as it was, and due to this we will not have the funds to donate to the Devon Bell Restoration Fund.

In the light of this I have come up with the proposal of holding a lottery each month. We will need at least 300 members to be able to hand over an equivalent sum to the amount we have sent in the past.

This can only be organised if you are prepared to set up a Standing Order to the Association of £1.00 per month, ideally paid yearly (£12), this is for one number in the Lottery but of course you can have as many numbers as you are prepared to buy. 

We will hold a monthly prize draw of £25 for 11 months of the year.

The December draw will have 3 prizes: £200,  £75  &  £50.  This can be reviewed if we get a lot more members joining.

It would help me if direct debits were all set up for the 1st of the month, so that we can start as soon as possible.

We would like all tower captains to try & encourage all their ringers to join and of course non-ringers as well.

Please try and get as many as possible to sign up to make this viable. Further details on how to enter are given in the attached file.

Thank you.

Julia Jarvis,
Fundraising Officer

DAR 300 Club further information download