6 & 8 Bell Competition, Holsworthy, 19 October, 1 pm

The Tamar Valley Guild 6 & 8 Bell Ringing Competition will be held at St Peter’s & St Paul’s Church, Holsworthy, Devon EX22 6EH, on Saturday 19 October 2019, start time 1.00 pm, by kind permission of the Vicar and Churchwardens.

There will be 6 Sections (five 6-bell and one open 8-bell), tea & refreshments and raffle prizes to be won. All sections are 6-bell unless otherwise stated.

6-Bell A Section 1st Shield & Certificate 2nd Cup & Certificate 3rd Certificate
6-Bell B Section 1st Cup & Certificate 2nd Certificate 3rd Certificate
6-Bell Novice 1st Shield & Certificate 2nd Certificate 3rd Certificate
6-Bell Junior Novice 1st Certificate 2nd Certificate 3rd Certificate
6-Bell Open Section 1st Cup & Certificate 2nd Certificate 3rd Certificate
8-Bell Open Section 1st Cup & Certificate 2nd Certificate 3rd Certificate
  1. 6-bell teams to ring the peal “Sixty on Thirds”; 8-bell teams to ring the “Queens” competition peal.
  2. Duration of the peals not to be less than 15 minutes for 6-bell teams or 20 minutes for 8-bell teams.
  3. All ringers MUST be paid up members of the Guild unless entered in the open section.
  4. Towers may enter 2 teams if time is available, subject to their having eight paid up Guild members. If time permits, “Scratch” teams may be entered, but whilst the peals will be scored, they will not qualify for any awards.
  5. Except for the Novice Section, teams must have at least five regular ringers from their own tower. A Sunday service ringer in more than one tower is eligible to ring for those towers which he/she supports.
  6. Novice teams must consist of at least four members from their own tower but can borrow from the home team or Officers of the Guild and are to ring the peal “Sixty on Thirds” off the stay for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  7. Junior Novice teams to pull out off the stay and ring for six minutes, calling each bell to the back in turn (Short Sixties) and the ringing will be judged from the first to the last change.
  8. No member may ring the treble for more than one team.
  9. The entrance fees will be £6 per 6-bell team or £8 per 8-bell team for the Seniors and £3-00 per team for the Novices and Junior Novices.
  10. The Vicar, Churchwardens and Members of the Tamar Valley Guild of Ringers will not be responsible for any accident, injury or loss which may occur.
  11. Practice will be available up to 12 October 2019 by arrangement with Holsworthy.
  12. The shield and cups remain the property of the Tamar Valley Guild and should be returned each year, duly engraved by the previous year’s winners.

Please make every effort to enter this year as we are eager to keep this competition going for the future and want to build on last year’s success at Clawton.

To book a time, please email Melanie Dymond at .