2019 competitions

Dear all,

I have noticed from the minutes booklet that has been circulated in recent weeks that quite a few towers have come forward as hosts for the 2019 events, this is fantastic news.

I do have some concerns regarding two of the towers in particular, although of course it would be the same for everyone on the day. Those concerns are with Stokenham and Ashwater, the latter I have rung at very recently.

I will start with Ashwater, a lovely easy going six, however, you cannot hear the bells well enough in the ringing room to get the best striking, this was the same when I last rang at Stokenham a few years ago (might have changed now but have heard no different) as our competitions are about striking bells well as well as taking part it would be a shame not to look into this to see if anything can be done. I don’t mind a challenge but i like to be able to hear what is going on to correct it.