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Devon Churches

Below is a list of all the towers in Devon with 4 or more bells, regardless of affiliation. Where we have them, email contacts are available for affiliated towers by clicking on the tower name. Contact details for all towers in Devon can be found in The Bells of Devon directory which is available to purchase - details on the Guild of Devonshire Ringers website.

Practice night details on this page may be wrong, it is best to check before setting out.

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LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
ABBOTSHAMSt. Helen610-3-22 in GWednesdayn/a
ABBOTSKERSWELLThe Blessed Virgin Mary610cwt in Gn/aGuild
St. Andrew611-2-0 in GWednesdayAssociation
APPLEDORESt. Mary810-03-26 in GMondayAssociation
ARLINGTONSt. James611cwt in G#n/an/a
ASHBURTONSt. Andrew821-01-06 in EWednesdayAssociation
St. James69-0-18 in GMondayAssociation
ASHTON (unringable)St. Michael and All Angels610cwt in Abn/an/a
ASHWATERSt. Peter ad Vincula68-03-01 in Abn/aAssociation
ATHERINGTONSt. Mary611-0-9 in F#n/aAssociation
AWLISCOMBESt. Michael and All Angels619-2-0 in FAlt Tuesday with BuckerellGuild
AXMINSTERSt. Mary1023-1-15 in C#WednesdayGuild
AYLESBEAREBlessed Virgin Mary611-2-0 in GThursdayGuild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
BAMPTONSt. Michael and All Angels614-0-3 in F#ThursdayGuild
St. Peter and St. Mary Magdalene819-1-0 in EbFridayn/a
BEAFORDAll Saints611-3-22 in F#n/aAssociation
BEERSt. Michael59-0-7 in Gn/an/a
BELSTONESt. Mary65-2-25 in BbTuesdayn/a
BERE FERRERSSt. Andrew67-3-24 in GMonday 8pmn/a
BERRY POMEROYSt. Mary814-3-0 in EMonday
BERRYNARBORSt. Peter610cwt in GThursday
BICKINGTONSt. Mary the Virgin67-1-24 in BFridayAssociation
BICKLEIGH (nr Tiverton)St. Mary the Virgin68-1-14 in ATuesdayAssociation
BICKLEIGH (nr Plymouth)St. Mary the Virgin69-3-27 in FMonday shared with Shaugh PriorAssociation
BIDEFORDSt. Mary817-1-10 in EWednesdayAssociation
BIGBURY (unringable)St. Lawrence67-2-27 in F#n/aAssociation
BISHOP'S NYMPTONSt. Mary610-1-10 in AbThursdayAssociation
BISHOPS TAWTONSt. John the Baptist69-2-20 in G#ThursdayAssociation
St. John the Baptist610-1-24 in GThursdayAssociation
St. Mary68-3-9 in F#WednesdayAssociation & Guild
BLACKAWTONSt. Michael611-3-1 in Fn/an/a
BONDLEIGHSt. James the Apostle49cwt in An/an/a
SS Peter, Paul and Thomas of Canterbury814-2-26 in F#MondayAssociation
BOW (Nymet Tracey)
St. Bartholomew614-0-4 in F#ThursdayAssociation
All Saints610-2-8 in AbFridayAssociation
BRADNINCHSt. Disen820cwt in EbMonday 7pmn/a
BRADSTONESt. Nonna67cwt in Bbn/an/a
BRADWORTHYSt. John the Baptist69-3-8 in F#Tuesday (by arrangement)n/a
BRAMPFORD SPEKESt. Peter66-1-16 in Bn/aGuild
BRANSCOMBESt. Winifred614cwt in GWednesdayn/a
BRATTON CLOVELLYSt. Mary the Virgin612cwt in F#Thursdayn/a
BRATTON FLEMINGSt. Peter614-2-0 in Fn/aGuild
BRAUNTONSt. Brannock816-0-25 in ETuesday (1st, 3rd)Association & Guild
BRENDONS Brendan47cwt in G#n/an/a
St. Michael de Rupe55-2-22 in C#n/aAssociation
St. Bridget613-0-15 in Fn/aAssociation
BRIDFORDSt. Thomas a Becket69cwt in ATuesdayn/a
BRIDGERULESt. Bridget810-1-21 in AbMondayGuild
Blessed Virgin Mary1017-0-4 in EThursdayAssociation
BRIXTONSt. Mary613cwt in F#n/an/a
BROADCLYSTSt. John the Baptist820-0-25 in Ebn/aGuild
BROADHEMBURYSt. Andrew A & M620-0-8 in Ebn/aGuild
St. Peter & St. Paul612cwt in F#FridayAssociation
BROADWOODKELLYAll Hallows69-3-14 in An/aAssociation
BROADWOODWIDGERSt. Nicholas67-0-25 in Gn/an/a
BUCKERELLSt. Mary & St. Giles68-1-4 in BbAlt Tuesday with AwliscombeGuild
BUCKFASTLEIGHRuined Church of Holy Trinity815-2-21 in Fn/an/a
BUCKFAST ABBEYSt. Mary12 (+ 2# and 6b)41-1-3 in Cn/an/a
BUCKLAND BREWERSt. Mary & St. Benedict612-3-17 in Gn/aAssociation
BUCKLAND FILLEIGH (unringable)S Mary & Holy Trinity57.5cwt in An/an/a
BUCKLAND IN THE MOORSt. Peter87-0-17 in BbWednesdayAssociation
BUCKLAND MONACHORUMSt. Andrew815-3-5 in ETuesdayAssociation
BURLESCOMBESt. Mary615-0-1 in Fn/aGuild
Holy Trinity611-2-11 in F#WednesdayAssociation
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
CADBURYSt. Michael and All Angels612cwt in G#n/aAssociation
CADELEIGHSt. Bartholomew69.5cwt in Gn/an/a
CALVERLEIGHSt. Mary the Virgin65-0-22 in Cn/an/a
St. Michael818-0-22 in FTuesdayAssociation
CHALLACOMBE (unringable)Holy Trinity411cwt in Gn/an/a
CHARDSTOCKAll Saints612-1-27 in F#n/aAssociation
CHARLESSt. John the Baptist68-3-25 in An/an/a
CHARLETONSt. Mary69-2-13 in F#n/aGuild
CHAWLEIGHSt. James615-323 in FThursdayAssociation
CHELDONSt. Mary45-1-9 in Dn/an/a
CHERITON BISHOPSt. Mary614cwt in F#n/an/a
CHERITON FITZPAINESt. Matthew613-1-10 in FFridayn/a
CHITTLEHAMPTONSt. Hieritha813-0-15 in F#n/aAssociation
CHIVELSTONESt. Sylvester612cwt in G#n/aAssociation
CHRISTOWSt. James811-2-20 in F#n/aAssociation
CHUDLEIGHSt. Martin and St. Mary812-2-23 in Fn/aAssociation
St. Mary Magdalene822-0-26 in Eb ThursdayAssociation
St. Mary the Virgin616cwt in Fn/aAssociation
CHURSTON FERRERSSt. Mary the Virgin612-0-15 in Gn/aAssociation
CLAWTONSt. Leonard68-1-25 in G#n/an/a
CLAYHIDONSt. Andrew611-2-27 in FTuesdayGuild
CLOVELLYAll Saints610-1-21 in Abn/an/a
CLYST HONITONSt. Michael and All Angels818-2-11 in E1st MondayGuild
CLYST HYDONSt. Andrew611cwt in An/an/a
CLYST ST GEORGESt. George610-2-21 in AbFriday 8pmGuild
CLYST St. LAWRENCE (unringable)St. Lawrence59cwt in An/an/a
COFFINSWELLSt. Bartholomew611-0-5 in Fn/aGuild
COLATON RALEIGHSt. John the Baptist612cwt in G#WednesdayAssociation
COLDRIDGESt. Matthew613cwt in G#FridayAssociation
COLEBROOKESt. Andrew617-3-21 in FThursdayAssociation
COLLATON ST MARYSt. Mary the Virgin67-1-25 in G#MondayAssociation
COLYTONSt. Andrew824-3-16 in Dn/aGuild
COMBE MARTINSt. Peter ad Vincula810-0-21 in F#ThursdayAssociation & Guild
COMBEINTEIGNHEADAll Saints610cwt in G#n/aGuild
St. Michael and All Angels69-3-12 in Fn/aAssociation
St. Peter69-3-6 in F#n/aAssociation
CORYTONSt. Andrew55-3-8 in Bn/an/a
COTLEIGHSt. Michael & All Angels67.5cwt in BbMondayGuild
CREDITONHoly Cross1226-2-23 in DTuesdayGuild
CRUWYS MORCHARD (under restoration)Holy Cross612-0-24 in Fn/aAssociation & Guild
St. Andrew1019-2-4 in DTuesdayAssociation & Guild
CULMSTOCKAll Saints819cwt in Ebn/aGuild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
DALWOODSt. Peter67-2-3 in Abn/an/a
DARTINGTONSt. Mary617cwt in Fn/aAssociation
DARTMOUTH (Castle)St. Petrox67-3-9 in An/an/a
St. Saviour818-2-14 in Ebn/aAssociation
DARTMOUTH (Townstal)St. Clement67-2-11 in An/aAssociation
DAWLISHSt. Gregory the Great811-2-21 in F#WednesdayGuild
DEAN PRIORSt. George the Martyr611-2-24 in F#n/aAssociation
DENBURYSt. Mary the Virgin58cwt in An/an/a
DIPTFORDSt. Mary611-3-12 in Gn/aAssociation
DITTISHAMSt. George612-1-8 in F#n/an/a
DODBROOKESt. Thomas a Becket67-0-10 in An/aAssociation
DODDISCOMBLEIGHSt. Michael610-2-14 in An/aAssociation
St. Edmund King & Martyr613-1-21 in G#n/aAssociation
DOWLANDSt. Peter54-3-0 in Dbn/aAssociation
St. Mary67-3-16 in AbWednesdayAssociation
Holy Trinity613-3-7 in En/aAssociation
DUNKESWELLSt. Nicholas66-1-24 in AThursdayGuild
St. Mary612-3-16 in GFridayAssociation
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
EAST ALLINGTONSt. Andrew614cwt in F#n/an/a
St. Michael and All Angels67.75cwt in BbThursdayAssociation
EAST BUCKLANDSt. Michael67-1-6 in An/an/a
EAST BUDLEIGHAll Saints89-0-0 in An/aAssociation
EAST DOWN (unringable)St. John Bapt411cwt in Abn/an/a
EAST OGWELLSt. Bartholomew55-2-15 in Bn/an/a
St. Winwaloe Onolaus613-3-22 in F#n/aAssociation
EAST WORLINGTONSt. Mary65-1-23 in Bn/aAssociation
ERMINGTONSt. Peter and St. Paul614-1-3 in F#n/an/a
EXBOURNESt. Mary the Blessed Virgin68-2-14 in Abn/an/a
EXETER Cathedral
St. Peter13 (+ 6b)72-2-2 in Bb3rd SaturdayAssociation & Guild
St. David811-2-23 in GWednesdayAssociation & Guild
EXETER, ST MARKSt. Mark1012-1-19 in F#WednesdayGuild
EXETER, ST MARY STEPS (unringable)St. Mary Steps48cwt in Abn/an/a
EXETER, ST PETROCKSt. Petrock65cwt in Bn/aAssociation
EXETER, ST THOMASSt. Thomas the Apostle814-3-8 in F#ThursdayGuild
EXETER, ALPHINGTONSt. Michael and All Angels813-1-12 in FWednesdayAssociation
EXETER, HEAVITREESt. Michael825-3-2 in EbThursdayGuild
EXETER, PINHOESt. Michael and All Angels810-0-19 in G#TuesdayGuild
EXETER, TOPSHAMSt. Margaret610-0-23 in F#ThursdayGuild
St. Martin of Tours817-3-25 in EbThursdayAssociation
EXMOUTH, LITTLEHAMSt. Margaret & St. Andrew87-2-11 in GMondayGuild
EXMOUTH, WITHYCOMBE RALEIGHSt. John the Evangelist12 (+ 6b)17-1-10 in EbFridayGuild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
FARWAYSt. Michael & All Angels611-0-14 in AbThursdayGuild
FENITONSt. Andrew69cwt in GFridayGuild
FILLEIGHSt. Paul66-0-12 in Bn/an/a
FREMINGTONSt. Peter68-3-19 in GThursday (Not always: check)Guild
FRITHELSTOCKSt. Mary and St. Gregory617cwt in Ebn/aAssociation
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
Holy Trinity66-0-0 in CThursdayAssociation & Guild
St. George812-0-22 in F#n/aAssociation
GEORGE NYMPTONSt. George88cwt in F#Tuesdayn/a
GERMANSWEEKSt. Germans55-1-16 in Cn/aAssociation
GIDLEIGHHoly Trinity57-2-25 in An/aAssociation
GITTISHAMSt. Michael511cwt in Abn/aGuild
St. Gregory67-1-18 in An/aAssociation
St. Michael and All Angels814-3-4 in Gn/aAssociation
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
St. Andrew617-2-6 in EWednesdayAssociation & Guild
HALWELLSt. Leonard612cwt in F#Thursdayn/a
HALWILLSt. Peter and St. James65-3-27 in A#n/an/a
HARBERTONSt. Andrew616cwt in FWednesdayn/a
HARPFORDSt. Gregory67-0-4 in AThursdayn/a
St. Nectan617-2-8 in En/aAssociation
HATHERLEIGHSt. John the Baptist813-2-6 in FWednesdayAssociation & Guild
HAWKCHURCHSt. John the Baptist612.5cwt in Gn/an/a
HEANTON PUNCHARDONSt. Augustine610-2-24 in Abn/an/a
HEMYOCKSt. Mary617-3-12 in EbFridayGuild
HENNOCK (unringable)St. Mary410cwt in Gn/an/a
HIGH BICKINGTON (ringing suspended)St. Mary89-1-25 in Abn/aAssociation
HIGH BRAYAll Saints611-3-26 in Abn/aAssociation
All Saints811-1-11 in Fn/an/a
All Saints613-3-14 in Fn/aAssociation
HOLCOMBE BURNELLSt. John the Baptist6111-0-27 in AbTuesday 8pmn/a
HOLCOMBE ROGUSAll Saints613-1-16 in EGuild
St. Mary the Virgin68-2-24 in Gn/aAssociation
HOLSWORTHYSt. Peter and St. Paul815-0-0 in F#Wednesdayn/a
HONITON (Unringable)St. Michael622.5cwt in Ebn/aGuild
HONITONSt. Paul812-2-27 in F#WednesdayGuild
HUNTSHAMAll Saints88-0-27 in Abn/aAssociation & Guild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
St. James69-1-21 in Abn/aAssociation
IDESt. Ida67-0-18 in AbTuesdayAssociation
IDEFORDSt. Mary the Virgin67-3-9 in Bbn/aAssociation
Holy Trinity812-0-20 in GWednesday 7pmAssociation & Guild
ILFRACOMBESt. Phillip and St. James811-0-26 in Gn/an/a
ILSINGTONSt. Michael610-3-13 in Gn/aAssociation
INWARDLEIGHSt. Petrock66-3-4 in An/aAssociation
IPPLEPENSt. Andrew818-1-0 in En/aAssociation
JACOBSTOWESt. James56-2-2 in An/aAssociation
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
KELLYSt. Mary the Virgin68cwt in AbWednesday Guild
KENNSt. Andrew613-1-25 in FWednesdayn/a
KENTISBEARE St. Mary 6 10-1-2 in G Wednesdayn/a
KENTISBURY St. Thomas 68cwt in Bbn/an/a
All Saints 612-1-1 in FMonday Association
KILMINGTON St. Giles 6 10-1-4 in G#n/a Guild
KINGSBRIDGE St. Edmund King & Martyr 8 11-2-25 in Gbn/aAssociation
St. Mary 6 7-3-0 in G Wednesday
Association & Guild
KING'S NYMPTON St. James the Apostle 6 13-1-10 in F# MondayAssociation & Guild
St. Michael 8 16-3-11 in Fn/a Association
KINGSTON St. James 6 10-0-26 in Gn/aAssociation
KNOWSTONE St. Peter 6 10-3-13 in G#n/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
LAMERTONSt. Peter 6 11-1-26 in AbMonday Association
LANDKEY St. Paul 6 13cwt in F#n/an/a
LANGTREEAll Saints 6 11cwt in Gn/aAssociation
LAPFORD St. Thomas of Canterbury 6 12cwt in F# Friday Association
LEWTRENCHARD St. Peter 68cwt in Bbn/an/a
LIFTON St. Mary 8 21-0-16 in EbMonday Guild
LITTLE TORRINGTON St. Giles 6 12cwt in F#n/aAssociation
LITTLEHAM (North Devon) St. Swithin 6 8-1-17 in AbWednesday Association
LITTLEHEMPSTON St. John the Baptist 5 13cwt in Gn/an/a
St. Michael and All Angels 6 9-1-18 in G ThursdayAssociation
LOXHORESt. Michael and All Angels 6 5cwt in Cn/an/a
LUNDY St. Helen 10 13-1-18 in F#n/an/a
LUPPITT St. Mary8 10-3-21 in F#Alt Tuesday Guild
St. John the Baptist 6 12-0-0 in Gn/an/a
St. Petrock 6 8cwt in Gn/a Association
LYMPSTONE Nativity of the Blessed Virgin 6 12cwt in G Wednesday Guild
St. Mary the Virgin 6 9-3-2 in Abn/aAssociation
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
All Saints 6 9-2-7 in G# n/aAssociation
MANATON St. Winifred 6 8-0-14 in Bbn/aAssociation
MARIANSLEIGH St. Mary 6 7-2-13 in Bb Tuesday (with exceptions) Association
MARLDON St. John the Baptist 6 15-3-0 in F Wednesday Association
St. Michael and All Angels 6 13-2-12 in F n/aAssociation
MARY TAVY St. Mary5 10-1-13 in Gn/an/a
MARYSTOW St. Mary the Virgin 6 10-0-17 in G#n/an/a
St. Peter 6 7-2-21 in G ThursdayAssociation
MEETH St. Michael and All Angels 4 8cwt in Abn/an/a
MEMBURY St. John the Baptist 614-3-19 in Ebn/an/a
MERTON All Saints 6 10cwt in Gn/aAssociation
MESHAW (unringable) St. John 6 6cwt in Bbn/an/a
MILTON ABBOTSt. Constantine 6 13cwt in Fn/an/a
MODBURY St. George617-2-7n/aAssociation
MOLLANDSt Mary614-1-24n/an/a
St George68-2-15n/aAssociation
MONKOKEHAMPTON (unringable)All Saints48cwt in A#n/an/a
MONKTONSt Mary Magdalene68-1-11 in An/an/a
St Mary615cwt in F#n/aAssociation
MOREBATHSt George68-3-5 in AbWednesdayAssociation & Guild
St Andrew815-0-7 in Fn/aAssociation
St Mary Magdalene69-0-26 in Bbn/aAssociation
MUSBURYSt Michael614cwt in GbMonday 8pmGuild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
NEWTON ABBOT (Clock Tower)St. Leonard 8 7-3-10 in Abn/an/a
NEWTON FERRERS Holy Cross 6 10-3-15 in Gn/aAssociation
NEWTON St. CYRES St. Cyr and St. Julietta 8 12-3-22 in F# Wednesday Guild
NORTH BOVEY St. John the Baptist 6 12cwt in Gn/aAssociation
NORTH HUISH St. Mary 5 9-0-0 in G# n/an/a
All Saints 6 19-0-0 in Ebn/aAssociation
NORTH TAWTON St. Peter 8 18cwt in En/a Association
NORTHAM St. Margaret 8 13-2-25 in F#n/an/a
NORTHLEIGHSt. Giles 4 9cwt in Bbn/aGuild
NORTHLEW St. Thomas of Canterbury 6 6-3-5 in G#n/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
OAKFORDSt. Peter812-1-11 in F#n/an/a
OFFWELL St. Mary 6 7-3-9 in Abn/a Guild
OKEHAMPTON All Saints 8 16-2-13 in Fn/aAssociation
OTTERTON St. Michael and All Angels 6 12-0-4 in F# WednesdayAssociation
OTTERY St. MARY St. Mary the Virgin 8 18-2-14 in E Monday Guild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
St. John the Baptist 8 21-3-5 in E Tuesday Association
PANCRASWEEK St. Pancras 5 14cwt in F#n/an/a
PARKHAM St. James 6 7-3-22 in Gn/an/a
PAYHEMBURY St. Mary 6 15-3-22 in En/an/a
PETER TAVY St. Peter 6 10cwt in Abn/an/a
PETERS MARLAND St. Peter 6 7.5cwt in An/aAssociation
PETROCKSTOWE St. Petrock 6 8-0-14 in Abn/aAssociation
PILTON St. Mary the Virgin 823-2-25 in D TuesdayAssociation
PLYMOUTH MINSTER St. Andrew 10 30-3-6 in C Tuesday Guild
PLYMOUTH, COMPTON GIFFORD Emmanuel 8 19-3-14 in Eb Thursday Guild
St. Edward 6 10-0-6 in Ab Tuesday Association
PLYMOUTH, LAIRA St. Mary 8 11-0-14 in G Friday 6.30pm Guild
St. Mary the Blessed Virgin 8 25-1-11 in Dn/aAssociation
PLYMOUTH, PLYMPTON ST MAURICE St. Maurice 8 16-0-2 in Fn/aAssociation
St. Mary and All Saints 813-1-10 in G Monday Association
St. Budeaux 6 12-0-25 in F# n/a Guild
PLYMOUTH, STOKE DAMEREL St. Andrew 8 4-2-12 in D Wednesday Guild
PLYMOUTH, TAMERTON FOLIOT St. Mary 6 11-1-8 in FWednesday (not always: check)Association
PLYMTREE St. John the Baptist 6 11-0-8 in G WednesdayAssociation
POLTIMORE St. Mary 6 10cwt in A Tuesdayn/a
POUGHILL St. Michael 6 11-0-15 in An/a n/a
POWDERHAM St. Clement Bishop and Martyr 6 10cwt in Gn/an/a
PYWORTHY St. Swithin 6 8-1-20 in F#n/aAssociation
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
RACKENFORD All Saints 6 14-2-8 in Gn/an/a
RATTERYThe Blessed Virgin Mary 5 13cwt in F#n/an/a
REVELSTOKE (Noss Mayo) St. Peter 8 16cwt in F n/an/a
REWE St. Mary 6 9cwt Bb n/an/a
ROBOROUGH St. Peter 6 12-1-18 in Gn/aAssociation
ROCKBEARE (unringable) St. Mary 5 12cwt in Gn/an/a
ROMANSLEIGH St. Rumon 6 7cwt in An/an/a
ROSE ASH St. Peter 6 9cwt in An/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
St. Giles 6 10-0-25 in G#n/aAssociation
ST GILES ON THE HEATH St. Giles 5 9cwt in G#n/an/a
Holy Trinity 6 8-1-10 in Ab FridayAssociation & Guild
St. Andrew 6 13-3-2 in FTuesday Association
SAMPFORD PEVERELLSt. John the Baptist 6 16-4-15 in En/an/a
SAMPFORD SPINEY St. Mary 6 5-3-19 in AWednesdayAssociation & Guild
SANDFORD St. Swithin 6 10-2-22 in Gn/a Association
St. Gregory 8 11-0-4 in F#n/aAssociation
SHAUGH PRIOR St. Edward 6 15-1-3 in EMonday shared with Bickleigh (nr Plympton)Association
SHEBBEAR St. Michael 6 9-2-6 in Ab Tuesday Association
St. Leonard 6 6-2-19 in An/aAssociation
SHEEPWASH St. Lawrence 6 12cwt in G Monday Association
SHERFORD St. Martin 6 12-1-19 in F#n/aAssociation
St. Peter 6 11-2-20 in G Wednesday Association & Guild
SHOBROOKE St. Swithin 6 12-2-10 in F Thursday Guild
SHUTE St. Michael 65-1-26 in Bb Monday Guild
SIDBURY St. Peter and St. Giles 8 16-1-23 in E Thursday Guild
SIDMOUTH St. Nicholas 1018-2-12 in E Tuesday Guild
SILVERTON St. Mary 8 16-0-11 in F Thursday Association & Guild
SLAPTON St. James the Greater 6 5-1-12 in AFriday 6.30pmAssociation
SOURTON St. Thomas of Canterbury 5 7-1-25 in Abn/an/a
St. Petrock 6 13-2-12 in Fn/a Association
SOUTH MILTON All Saints 6 12cwt in F#n/aAssociation
SOUTH MOLTON St. Mary Magdalene 8 24-2-12 in Dn/aAssociation
St. Cyriac 6 11-0-4 in F#n/aAssociation
St. Andrew 611-3-2 in ETuesdayAssociation
SOUTHLEIGHSt. Lawrence47cwtn/an/a
SOWTON St. Michael and All Angels 89-1-25 in G Thursday Guild
SPREYTON St. Michael 6 12cwt in G Tuesday None
St. Paul de Leon 6 19-2-14 in Eb Wednesday Association
STOCKLAND St. Michael and All Angels 6 13-0-18 in F FridayGuild
STOCKLEIGH ENGLISH (unringable)St. Mary 47cwt in A#n/an/a
STOKE CANON St. Mary Magdalene 6 9-3-19 in GMonday 7pmAssociation & Guild
St. Peter 6 12-2-17 in Fn/a Association
St. Mary and St. Gabriel 6 17cwt in F Thursday Association
STOKE RIVERS (unringable) St. Bartholomew 5 13cwt in Gn/an/a
STOKEINTEIGNHEAD St. Andrew 6 10-0-3 in G Thursday Guild
STOKENHAM St. Michael and All Angels 6 15-2-6 in F#n/aAssociation
St. Margaret 67-0-3 in A1st and 3rd ThursdayAssociation & Guild
STOWFORD St. John 6 9cwt in Gn/an/a
SUTCOMBE St. Andrew 66-3-10 in Bbn/an/a
SWIMBRIDGE St. James the Apostle 6 11-3-3 in G# Tuesdayn/a
SYDENHAM DAMEREL St. Mary 6 9cwt in A1st Thursday Guild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
TALATON St. James the Apostle and Martyr 6 12-2-22 in Fn/aGuild
TAVISTOCK St. Eustachius 10 24-0-5 in D TuesdayAssociation & Guild
TAWSTOCK St. Peter 8 16-3-20 in E Thursdayn/a
St. Mary the Virgin 6 10-0-6 in Fn/a Association
TEIGNMOUTH (East)St. Michael 8 22-1-0 in Eb Tuesday Guild
TEIGNMOUTH (West) St. James the Less 8 12-2-17 in F# Monday Guild
THELBRIDGE (unringable)St. David 6 8cwt in A n/an/a
THORNBURY St. Peter 5 5-3-18 in Bn/an/a
THORVERTON St. Thomas of Canterbury10 15-0-4 in F n/a Guild
St. Mary the Virgin 6 8-1-24 in AbMonday (not always: check)Association
THRUSHELTON St. George 6 13-0-3 in G#n/an/a
THURLESTONE All Saints 6 13-0-3 in E n/an/a
TIVERTON St. Paul 6 8-3-5 in A Friday Guild
TIVERTON St. Peter 8 25-2-18 in D Tuesday Guild
TORBRYAN Holy Trinity 4 14-2-6 Ab n/an/a
All Saints 8 13-0-26 in F WednesdayAssociation & Guild
TORQUAY, COCKINGTON St. George and St. Mary 6 8-2-9 in Ab Thursdayn/a
St. Mary 10 17-1-24 in E Tuesday Association & Guild
TORQUAY, TOR MOHUN (Gk Orth)The Apostle Andrew 6 9cwt in An/an/a
TORQUAY, UPTON St. Mary Magdalene 8 14-2-12 in F ThursdayAssociation & Guild
TOTNES St. Mary 828cwt in Dn/a Association
TRUSHAM St. Michael and All Angels 6 7cwt in Bbn/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
UFFCULME St. Mary the Virgin 8 21-3-6 in Eb Monday Guild
UGBOROUGH St. Peter 8 19cwt in Ebn/an/a
UPLOWMAN St. Peter 6 8-0-12 in G#n/an/a
UPLYME St. Peter and St. Paul 6 9-2-6 in Gn/an/a
UPOTTERY St. Mary the Virgin 6 17-2-14 in Fn/a Guild
UPTON PYNE (unringable)Our Lady 68.5cwt in An/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
WALKHAMPTON St. Andrew 67-3-12 in Gn/aAssociation
WARKLEIGH St. John the Evangelist 6 9-1-11 in Abn/aAssociation
WASHFIELDSt. Mary the Virgin610-0-2 in G#n/an/a
WASHFORD PYNESt. Peter67cwt in Bn/an/a
WEARE GIFFARDHoly Trinity6 7-1-26 in An/aAssociation
WELCOMBESt. Nectan 67-0-17 in Bn/aAssociation
WEMBURYSt. Werburgh66-1-11 in Bn/an/a
WEST ALVINGTONAll Saints616cwt in F Thursday Association
WEST BUCKLAND St. Peter 67-0-22 in An/an/a
St. Calixtus 6 8-2-3 in Abn/aAssociation
WEST PUTFORD St. Stephen 64-3-10 in Bbn/an/a
WEST WORLINGTON St. Mary 6 7-3-21 in An/aAssociation
WESTLEIGH St. Peter 6 11-0-17 in Gn/an/a
WHIMPLE St. Mary 6 12-2-15 in GMondayAssociation
WHITCHURCHSt. Andrew611-1-8 in F Friday Guild
St. Catherine 6 11.5cwt in G Thursday Association
St. Pancras 8 12-3-14 in En/aAssociation
WIDWORTHY (unringable)St. Cuthbert 57-2-12 in Bbn/an/a
WINKLEIGH All Saints 8 19-0-27 in Eb Tuesday Association
St. John the Baptist 823-3-6 in D FridayAssociation
WOLBOROUGH St. Mary 8 15-3-27 in F Friday Guild
WOODBURY St. Swithin 8 23-2-21 in D 1st Wednesday Guild
WOODLEIGH (Ringing not currently permitted)St. Mary56-2-2 in Bbn/an/a
WOOLFARDISWORTHY (or Woolsery) Holy Trinity 67-2-16 in Bbn/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
St. John the Baptist 6 14-1-4 in En/a Association
YARNSCOMBE St. Andrew 6 13cwt in Gn/an/a
St. Bartholomew 6 10-0-9 in F#n/aAssociation
ZEAL MONACHORUM St. Peter 6 8-0-26 in G# Tuesday Association
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