Results from the Minor Final held at Swimbridge on the 25th May 2019

Results from the Minor Final held at Swimbridge on the 25th May 2019:

1. Dunsford 73 1/4 – winning the Thomas Oatway Shield and qualifying for the Major Final

2. Lamerton 76 3/4 – – winning the John Fidler Cup and qualifying for the Major Final

3. Kenton 77

4. East Anstey 82 3/4

5. Bow 99

6. Kingsteignton (novice) 118 – winning the Hooper Cup

Holbeton – Disqualified (rang under time)

Judges: Colin Avery, James Clarke, Stephen Herniman, Graham Sharland

Scrutineer: Karen Squire

Judges Scoresheet



4 Comments on “Results from the Minor Final held at Swimbridge on the 25th May 2019

    • Hi Paul,

      I believe it was 12 seconds. A great shame. You would have finished 4th.

      Best regards


  1. Holbeton 180 miles round trip disqulified disputed 12 secz
    overtime rules should be changed penalised by adding faults.

    • With all due respect Eric, this is the kind of comment that makes me quite angry. Saying “change the rules” appears to me to be a bit like sour grapes!

      Yes, it _is_ harsh that Holbeton had a long trip only to be disqualified for the sake of 12 seconds. I can sympathise as I have been involved in teams that have gone just as far in terms of distance and been disqualified for less.
      Having said that, these are the rules and penalties that we have all agreed on when we enter, and these days there really isn’t much excuse for ringing under time. I would imagine that there would be at least one member of every team that has a smart phone which comes equipped with a stopwatch or timer function.

      As far as changing the rules to add penalties instead of disqulaifying is concerned, I know that it has been discussed several times at committee meetings, but implementing a simple penalty rule that is fair and penalises the good teams enough for it to be a deterrant, whilst simultaneously not discouraging the less good teams is not as trivial as it seems. The best teams are very good at playing the rules to their advantage. I could be wrong, but I think that a proposed change to the rules that would do this was put to an AGM, but was voted down.

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