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Devon Churches - Map

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Here marked are the Churches  A - H. To see the complete Devon Church list click the link above to open in a bigger window or if you have Google Earth installed on your computer, use the Google Earth Full Tower Listing and import it in to the software

Devon Church SAT-NAV files

Here are a list of files to download and install into the respective Brands of Satnav containing the built in directions to all church towers in Devon:

GPS Exchange
Google Earth
Medion Navigator

Devon Churches

The list below is a list of all the towers in Devon with 4 or more bells, regardless of affiliation.

Practice night details on this page may be wrong, it is best to check before setting out.

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LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
ABBOTSHAMSt. Helen610-3-22 in GWednesdayn/a
ABBOTSKERSWELLThe Blessed Virgin Mary610cwt in Gn/an/a
ALWINGTONSt. Andrew611-2-0 in GWednesdayn/a
APPLEDORESt. Mary810-03-26 in GMondayn/a
ARLINGTONSt. James611cwt in G#n/an/a
ASHBURTONSt. Andrew821-01-06 in EWednesdayn/a
ASHREIGNEYSt. James69-0-18 in GMondayAssociation
ASHTON (unringable)St. Michael and All Angels610cwt in Abn/an/a
ASHWATERSt. Peter ad Vincula68-03-01 in Abn/an/a
ATHERINGTONSt. Mary611-0-9 in F#n/aAssociation
AWLISCOMBESt. Michael and All Angels619-2-0 in FAlt Tuesday with BuckerellGuild
AXMINSTERSt. Mary1023-1-15 in C#WednesdayGuild
AYLESBEAREBlessed Virgin Mary611-2-0 in GThursdayGuild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
BAMPTONSt. Michael and All Angels614-0-3 in F#ThursdayGuild
BARNSTAPLESt. Peter and St. Mary Magdalene819-1-0 in EbFridayn/a
BEAFORDAll Saints611-3-22 in F#n/an/a
BEERSt. Michael59-0-7 in Gn/an/a
BELSTONESt. Mary65-2-25 in BbTuesdayn/a
BERE FERRERSSt. Andrew67-3-24 in GMonday 8pmn/a
BERRY POMEROYSt. Mary814-3-0 in En/an/a
BERRYNARBORSt. Peter610cwt in Gn/an/a
BICKINGTONSt. Mary the Virgin67-1-24 in BFridayn/a
BICKLEIGH (nr Tiverton)St. Mary the Virgin68-1-14 in ATuesdayn/a
BICKLEIGH (nr Plymouth)St. Mary the Virgin69-3-27 in FMonday shared with Shaugh PriorAssociation
BIDEFORDSt. Mary817-1-10 in EWednesdayn/a
BIGBURY (unringable)St. Lawrence67-2-27 in F#n/an/a
BISHOP'S NYMPTONSt. Mary610-1-10 in AbThursdayAssociation
BISHOPS TAWTONSt. John the Baptist69-2-20 in G#Thursdayn/a
BISHOPSTEIGNTONSt. John the Baptist610-1-24 in GThursdayn/a
BLACK TORRINGTONSt. Mary68-3-9 in F#Wednesdayn/a
BLACKAWTONSt. Michael611-3-1 in Fn/an/a
BONDLEIGHSt. James the Apostle49cwt in An/an/a
BOVEY TRACEYSS Peter, Paul and Thomas of Canterbury814-2-26 in F#Mondayn/a
BOW (Nymet Tracey)St. Bartholomew614-0-4 in F#ThursdayAssociation
BRADFORDAll Saints610-2-8 in AbFridayn/a
BRADNINCHSt. Disen820cwt in EbMonday 7pmn/a
BRADSTONESt. Nonna67cwt in Bbn/an/a
BRADWORTHYSt. John the Baptist69-3-8 in F#Tuesday (by arrangement)n/a
BRAMPFORD SPEKESt. Peter66-1-16 in Bn/an/a
BRANSCOMBESt. Winifred614cwt in GWednesdayn/a
BRATTON CLOVELLYSt. Mary the Virgin612cwt in F#Thursdayn/a
BRATTON FLEMINGSt. Peter614-2-0 in Fn/an/a
BRAUNTONSt. Brannock816-0-25 in ETuesday (1st, 3rd)Guild
BRENDONS Brendan47cwt in G#n/an/a
BRENTORSt. Michael de Rupe55-2-22 in C#n/an/a
BRIDESTOWESt. Bridget613-0-15 in Fn/aAssociation
BRIDFORDSt. Thomas a Becket69cwt in ATuesdayn/a
BRIDGERULESt. Bridget810-1-21 in AbMondayGuild
BRIXHAMBlessed Virgin Mary1017-0-4 in EThursdayn/a
BRIXTONSt. Mary613cwt in F#n/an/a
BROADCLYSTSt. John the Baptist820-0-25 in Ebn/aGuild
BROADHEMBURYSt. Andrew A & M620-0-8 in Ebn/aGuild
BROADHEMPSTONSt. Peter & St. Paul612cwt in F#FridayAssociation
BROADWOODKELLYAll Hallows69-3-14 in An/aAssociation
BROADWOODWIDGERSt. Nicholas67-0-25 in Gn/an/a
BUCKERELLSt. Mary & St. Giles68-1-4 in BbAlt Tuesday with AwliscombeGuild
BUCKFASTLEIGHRuined Church of Holy Trinity815-2-21 in Fn/an/a
BUCKFAST ABBEYSt. Mary12 (+ 2# and 6b)41-1-3 in Cn/an/a
BUCKLAND BREWERSt. Mary & St. Benedict612-3-17 in Gn/an/a
BUCKLAND FILLEIGH (unringable)S Mary & Holy Trinity57.5cwt in An/an/a
BUCKLAND IN THE MOORSt. Peter87-0-17 in BbWednesdayn/a
BUCKLAND MONACHORUMSt. Andrew815-3-5 in ETuesdayn/a
BURLESCOMBESt. Mary615-0-1 in Fn/aGuild
BURRINGTONHoly Trinity611-2-11 in F#WednesdayAssociation
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
CADBURYSt. Michael and All Angels612cwt in G#n/an/a
CADELEIGHSt. Bartholomew69.5cwt in Gn/an/a
CALVERLEIGHSt. Mary the Virgin65-0-22 in Cn/an/a
CHAGFORDSt. Michael818-0-22 in FTuesdayAssociation
CHALLACOMBE (unringable)Holy Trinity411cwt in Gn/an/a
CHARDSTOCKAll Saints612-1-27 in F#n/an/a
CHARLESSt. John the Baptist68-3-25 in An/an/a
CHARLETONSt. Mary69-2-13 in F#n/aGuild
CHAWLEIGHSt. James615-323 in FThursdayn/a
CHELDONSt. Mary45-1-9 in Dn/an/a
CHERITON BISHOPSt. Mary614cwt in F#n/an/a
CHERITON FITZPAINESt. Matthew613-1-10 in FFridayn/a
CHITTLEHAMPTONSt. Hieritha813-0-15 in F#n/aAssociation
CHIVELSTONESt. Sylvester612cwt in G#n/an/a
CHRISTOWSt. James811-2-20 in F#n/an/a
CHUDLEIGHSt. Martin and St. Mary812-2-23 in Fn/an/a
CHULMLEIGHSt. Mary Magdalene822-0-26 in Eb Thursdayn/a
CHURCHSTOWSt. Mary the Virgin616cwt in Fn/an/a
CHURSTON FERRERSSt. Mary the Virgin612-0-15 in Gn/an/a
CLAWTONSt. Leonard68-1-25 in G#n/an/a
CLAYHIDONSt. Andrew611-2-27 in FTuesdayGuild
CLOVELLYAll Saints610-1-21 in Abn/an/a
CLYST HONITONSt. Michael and All Angels818-2-11 in E1st MondayGuild
CLYST HYDONSt. Andrew611cwt in An/an/a
CLYST ST GEORGESt. George610-2-21 in AbFriday 8pmGuild
CLYST St. LAWRENCE (unringable)St. Lawrence59cwt in An/an/a
COFFINSWELLSt. Bartholomew611-0-5 in Fn/aGuild
COLATON RALEIGHSt. John the Baptist612cwt in G#Wednesdayn/a
COLDRIDGESt. Matthew613cwt in G#Fridayn/a
COLEBROOKESt. Andrew617-3-21 in FThursdayAssociation
COLLATON ST MARYSt. Mary the Virgin67-1-25 in G#MondayAssociation
COLYTONSt. Andrew824-3-16 in Dn/aGuild
COMBE MARTINSt. Peter ad Vincula810-0-21 in F#ThursdayGuild
COMBEINTEIGNHEADAll Saints610cwt in G#n/aGuild
CORNWOODSt. Michael and All Angels69-3-12 in Fn/an/a
CORNWORTHYSt. Peter69-3-6 in F#n/an/a
CORYTONSt. Andrew55-3-8 in Bn/an/a
COTLEIGHSt. Michael & All Angels67.5cwt in BbMondayGuild
CREDITONHoly Cross1226-2-23 in DTuesdayGuild
CRUWYS MORCHARD (under restoration)Holy Cross612-0-24 in Fn/an/a
CULLOMPTONSt. Andrew1019-2-4 in DTuesdayGuild
CULMSTOCKAll Saints819cwt in Ebn/aGuild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
DALWOODSt. Peter67-2-3 in Abn/an/a
DARTINGTONSt. Mary617cwt in Fn/aAssociation
DARTMOUTH (Castle)St. Petrox67-3-9 in An/an/a
DARTMOUTHSt. Saviour818-2-14 in Ebn/aAssociation
DARTMOUTH (Townstal)St. Clement67-2-11 in An/an/a
DAWLISHSt. Gregory the Great811-2-21 in F#WednesdayGuild
DEAN PRIORSt. George the Martyr611-2-24 in F#n/an/a
DENBURYSt. Mary the Virgin58cwt in An/an/a
DIPTFORDSt. Mary611-3-12 in Gn/aAssociation
DITTISHAMSt. George612-1-8 in F#n/an/a
DODBROOKESt. Thomas a Becket67-0-10 in An/an/a
DODDISCOMBLEIGHSt. Michael610-2-14 in An/an/a
DOLTONSt. Edmund King & Martyr613-1-21 in G#n/aAssociation
DOWLANDSt. Peter54-3-0 in Dbn/an/a
DOWN ST MARYSt. Mary67-3-16 in AbWednesdayAssociation
DREWSTEIGNTONHoly Trinity613-3-7 in En/aAssociation
DUNKESWELLSt. Nicholas66-1-24 in AThursdayGuild
DUNSFORDSt. Mary612-3-16 in GFridayAssociation
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
EAST ALLINGTONSt. Andrew614cwt in F#n/an/a
EAST ANSTEYSt. Michael and All Angels67.75cwt in BbThursdayAssociation
EAST BUCKLANDSt. Michael67-1-6 in An/an/a
EAST BUDLEIGHAll Saints89-0-0 in An/an/a
EAST DOWN (unringable)St. John Bapt411cwt in Abn/an/a
EAST OGWELLSt. Bartholomew55-2-15 in Bn/an/a
EAST PORTLEMOUTHSt. Winwaloe Onolaus613-3-22 in F#n/an/a
EAST WORLINGTONSt. Mary65-1-23 in Bn/an/a
ERMINGTONSt. Peter and St. Paul614-1-3 in F#n/an/a
EXBOURNESt. Mary the Blessed Virgin68-2-14 in Abn/an/a
EXETER CathedralSt. Peter13 (+ 6b)72-2-2 in Bb3rd SaturdayAssociation & Guild
EXETER, ST DAVIDSt. David811-2-23 in GWednesdayAssociation & Guild
EXETER, ST MARKSt. Mark1012-1-19 in F#WednesdayGuild
EXETER, ST MARY STEPS (unringable)St. Mary Steps48cwt in Abn/an/a
EXETER, ST PETROCKSt. Petrock65cwt in Bn/aAssociation
EXETER, ST THOMASSt. Thomas the Apostle814-3-8 in F#ThursdayGuild
EXETER, ALPHINGTONSt. Michael and All Angels813-1-12 in FWednesdayAssociation
EXETER, HEAVITREESt. Michael825-3-2 in EbThursdayGuild
EXETER, PINHOESt. Michael and All Angels810-0-19 in G#TuesdayGuild
EXETER, TOPSHAMSt. Margaret610-0-23 in F#ThursdayGuild
EXMINSTERSt. Martin of Tours817-3-25 in EbThursdayAssociation
EXMOUTH, LITTLEHAMSt. Margaret & St. Andrew87-2-11 in GMondayGuild
EXMOUTH, WITHYCOMBE RALEIGHSt. John the Evangelist12 (+ 6b)17-1-10 in EbFridayGuild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
FARWAYSt. Michael & All Angels611-0-14 in AbThursdayGuild
FENITONSt. Andrew69cwt in GFridayGuild
FILLEIGHSt. Paul66-0-12 in Bn/an/a
FREMINGTONSt. Peter68-3-19 in GThursday (Not always: check)Guild
FRITHELSTOCKSt. Mary and St. Gregory617cwt in Ebn/aAssociation
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
GALMPTONHoly Trinity66-0-0 in CThursdayGuild
GEORGEHAMSt. George812-0-22 in F#n/aAssociation
GEORGE NYMPTONSt. George88cwt in F#Tuesdayn/a
GERMANSWEEKSt. Germans55-1-16 in Cn/an/a
GIDLEIGHHoly Trinity57-2-25 in An/an/a
GITTISHAMSt. Michael511cwt in Abn/aGuild
GOODLEIGHSt. Gregory67-1-18 in An/an/a
GREAT TORRINGTONSt. Michael and All Angels814-3-4 in Gn/aAssociation
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
HALBERTONSt. Andrew617-2-6 in EWednesdayGuild
HALWELLSt. Leonard612cwt in F#Thursdayn/a
HALWILLSt. Peter and St. James65-3-27 in A#n/an/a
HARBERTONSt. Andrew616cwt in FWednesdayn/a
HARPFORDSt. Gregory67-0-4 in AThursdayn/a
HARTLANDSt. Nectan617-2-8 in En/an/a
HATHERLEIGHSt. John the Baptist813-2-6 in FWednesdayn/a
HAWKCHURCHSt. John the Baptist612.5cwt in Gn/an/a
HEANTON PUNCHARDONSt. Augustine610-2-24 in Abn/an/a
HEMYOCKSt. Mary617-3-12 in EbFridayGuild
HENNOCK (unringable)St. Mary410cwt in Gn/an/a
HIGH BICKINGTON (ringing suspended)St. Mary89-1-25 in Abn/aAssociation
HIGH BRAYAll Saints611-3-26 in Abn/an/a
HIGHWEEKAll Saints811-1-11 in Fn/an/a
HOLBETONAll Saints613-3-14 in Fn/aAssociation
HOLCOMBE BURNELLSt. John the Baptist6111-0-27 in AbTuesday 8pmn/a
HOLCOMBE ROGUSAll Saints613-1-16 in EGuild
HOLNESt. Mary the Virgin68-2-24 in Gn/aAssociation
HOLSWORTHYSt. Peter and St. Paul815-0-0 in F#Wednesdayn/a
HONITON (Unringable)St. Michael622.5cwt in Ebn/an/a
HONITONSt. Paul812-2-27 in F#WednesdayGuild
HUNTSHAMAll Saints88-0-27 in Abn/aGuild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
IDDESLEIGHSt. James69-1-21 in Abn/aAssociation
IDESt. Ida67-0-18 in AbTuesdayAssociation
IDEFORDSt. Mary the Virgin67-3-9 in Bbn/an/a
ILFRACOMBEHoly Trinity812-0-20 in GWednesday 7pmn/a
ILFRACOMBESt. Phillip and St. James811-0-26 in Gn/an/a
ILSINGTONSt. Michael610-3-13 in Gn/an/a
INWARDLEIGHSt. Petrock66-3-4 in An/aAssociation
IPPLEPENSt. Andrew818-1-0 in En/an/a
JACOBSTOWESt. James56-2-2 in An/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
KELLYSt. Mary the Virgin68cwt in AbWednesday Guild
KENNSt. Andrew613-1-25 in FWednesdayAssociation
KENTISBEARE St. Mary 6 10-1-2 in G Wednesdayn/a
KENTISBURY St. Thomas 68cwt in Bbn/an/a
KENTON All Saints 612-1-1 in FMonday Association
KILMINGTON St. Giles 6 10-1-4 in G#n/a Guild
KINGSBRIDGE St. Edmund King & Martyr 8 11-2-25 in Gbn/aAssociation
KINGSKERSWELL St. Mary 6 7-3-0 in G Wednesday Guild
KING'S NYMPTON St. James the Apostle 6 13-1-10 in F# Mondayn/a
KINGSTEIGNTONSt. Michael 8 16-3-11 in Fn/a Association
KINGSTON St. James 6 10-0-26 in Gn/an/a
KNOWSTONE St. Peter 6 10-3-13 in G#n/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
LAMERTONSt. Peter 6 11-1-26 in AbMonday Association
LANDKEY St. Paul 6 13cwt in F#n/an/a
LANGTREEAll Saints 6 11cwt in Gn/an/a
LAPFORD St. Thomas of Canterbury 6 12cwt in F# Friday Association
LEWTRENCHARD St. Peter 68cwt in Bbn/an/a
LIFTON St. Mary 8 21-0-16 in EbMonday Guild
LITTLE TORRINGTON St. Giles 6 12cwt in F#n/an/a
LITTLEHAM St. Swithin 6 8-1-17 in AbWednesday Association
LITTLEHEMPSTON St. John the Baptist 5 13cwt in Gn/an/a
LODDISWELL St. Michael and All Angels 6 9-1-18 in G Thursdayn/a
LOXHORESt. Michael and All Angels 6 5cwt in Cn/an/a
LUNDY St. Helen 10 13-1-18 in F#n/an/a
LUPPIT St. Mary8 10-3-21 in F#Alt Tuesday Guild
LUSTLEIGH St. John the Baptist 6 12-0-0 in Gn/an/a
LYDFORD St. Petrock 6 8cwt in Gn/a Association
LYMPSTONE Nativity of the Blessed Virgin 6 12cwt in G Wednesday Guild
LYNTON St. Mary the Virgin 6 9-3-2 in Abn/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
MALBOROUGH All Saints 6 9-2-7 in G# n/an/a
MANATON St. Winifred 6 8-0-14 in Bbn/an/a
MARIANSLEIGH St. Mary 6 7-2-13 in Bb Tuesday (with exceptions) Association
MARLDON St. John the Baptist 6 15-3-0 in F Wednesday Association
MARWOOD St. Michael and All Angels 6 13-2-12 in F n/an/a
MARY TAVY St. Mary5 10-1-13 in Gn/an/a
MARYSTOW St. Mary the Virgin 6 10-0-17 in G#n/an/a
MEAVY St. Peter 6 7-2-21 in G Thursdayn/a
MEETH St. Michael and All Angels 4 8cwt in Abn/an/a
MEMBURY St. John the Baptist 6 14.03.19. Eb
MERTON All Saints 6 10cwt in Gn/an/a
MESHAW (unringable) St. John 6 6cwt in Bbn/an/a
MILTON ABBOTSt. Constantine 6 13cwt in Fn/an/a
MODBURY St. George617-2-7n/aAssociation
MOLLANDSt Mary614-1-24n/an/a
MONKLEIGHSt George68-2-15n/aAssociation
MONKOKEHAMPTON (unringable)All Saints48cwt in A#n/an/a
MONKTONSt Mary Magdalene68-1-11 in An/a
MORCHARD BISHOPSt Mary615cwt in F#n/an/a
MOREBATHSt George68-3-5 in AbWednesdayn/a
MORETENHAMPSTEADSt Andrew815-0-7 in Fn/an/a
MORTEHOESt Mary Magdalene69-0-26 in Bbn/an/a
MUSBURYSt Michael614cwt in GbMonday 8pmn/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
NEWTON ABBOT (Clock Tower)St. Leonard 8 7-3-10 in Abn/an/a
NEWTON FERRERS Holy Cross 6 10-3-15 in Gn/an/a
NEWTON St. CYRES St. Cyr and St. Julietta 8 12-3-22 in F# Wednesday Guild
NORTH BOVEY St. John the Baptist 6 12cwt in Gn/an/a
NORTH HUISH St. Mary 5 09.00.00. G#
NORTH MOLTONAll Saints 6 19-0-0 in Ebn/an/a
NORTH TAWTON St. Peter 8 18cwt in En/a Association
NORTHAM St. Margaret 8 13-2-25 in F#n/an/a
NORTHLEIHSt. Giles 4 9cwt in Bbn/an/a
NORTHLEW St. Thomas of Canterbury 6 6-3-5 in G#n/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
OAKFORDSt. Peter812-1-11 in F#n/an/a
OFFWELL St. Mary 6 7-3-9 in Abn/a Guild
OKEHAMPTON All Saints 8 16-2-13 in Fn/aAssociation
OTTERTON St. Michael and All Angels 6 12-0-4 in F# Wednesdayn/a
OTTERY St. MARY St. Mary the Virgin 8 18-2-14 in E Monday Guild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
PAIGNTON St. John the Baptist 8 21-3-5 in E Tuesday Association
PANCRASWEEK St. Pancras 5 14cwt in F#n/an/a
PARKHAM St. James 6 7-3-22 in Gn/an/a
PAYHEMBURY St. Mary 6 15-3-22 in En/an/a
PETER TAVY St. Peter 6 10cwt in Abn/an/a
PETERS MARLAND St. Peter 6 7.5cwt in An/an/a
PETROCKSTOWE St. Petrock 6 8-0-14 in Abn/an/a
PILTON St. Mary the Virgin 823-2-25 in D Tuesdayn/a
PLYMOUTH MINSTER St. Andrew 10 30-3-6 in C Tuesday Guild
PLYMOUTH, COMPTON GIFFORD Emmanuel 8 19-3-14 in Eb Thursday Guild
PLYMOUTH, EGGBUCKLAND St. Edward 6 10-0-6 in Ab Tuesday Association
PLYMOUTH, LAIRA St. Mary 8 11-0-14 in G Friday 6.30pm Guild
PLYMOUTH, PLYMPTON ST MARY St. Mary the Blessed Virgin 8 25-1-11 in Dn/an/a
PLYMOUTH, PLYMPTON ST MAURICE St. Maurice 8 16-0-2 in Fn/an/a
PLYMOUTH, PLYMSTOCK St. Mary and All Saints 813-1-10 in G Monday Association
PLYMOUTH, ST BUDEAUX (ringing suspended) St. Budeaux 6 12-0-25 in F# n/a Guild
PLYMOUTH, STOKE DAMEREL St. Andrew 8 4-2-12 in D Wednesday Guild
PLYMOUTH, TAMERTON FOLIOT St. Mary 6 11-1-8 in FWednesday (not always: check)n/a
PLYMTREE St. John the Baptist 6 11-0-8 in G Wednesdayn/a
POLTIMORE St. Mary 6 10cwt in A Tuesdayn/a
POUGHILL St. Michael 6 11-0-15 in An/a Association
POWDERHAM St. Clement Bishop and Martyr 6 10cwt in Gn/an/a
PYWORTHY St. Swithin 6 8-1-20 in F#n/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
RACKENFORD All Saints 6 14-2-8 in Gn/an/a
RATTERYThe Blessed Virgin Mary 5 13cwt in F#n/an/a
REVELSTOKE (Noss Mayo) St. Peter 8 16cwt in F n/an/a
REWE St. Mary 6 9cwt Bb n/an/a
ROBOROUGH St. Peter 6 12-1-18 in Gn/an/a
ROCKBEARE (unringable) St. Mary 5 12cwt in Gn/an/a
ROMANSLEIGH St. Rumon 6 7cwt in An/an/a
ROSE ASH St. Peter 6 9cwt in An/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
ST GILES IN THE WOOD St. Giles 6 10-0-25 in G#n/an/a
ST GILES ON THE HEATH St. Giles 5 9cwt in G#n/an/a
SALCOMBE Holy Trinity 6 8-1-10 in Ab Friday Guild
SAMPFORD COURTENAY St. Andrew 6 13-3-2 in FTuesday Association
SAMPFORD PEVERELLSt. John the Baptist 6 16-4-15 in En/an/a
SAMPFORD SPINEY St. Mary 6 5-3-19 in AWednesdayn/a
SANDFORD St. Swithin 6 10-2-22 in Gn/a Association
SEATON St. Gregory 8 11-0-4 in F#n/an/a
SHAUGH PRIOR St. Edward 6 15-1-3 in EMonday shared with Bickleigh (nr Plympton)Association
SHEBBEAR St. Michael 6 9-2-6 in Ab Tuesday Association
SHEEPSTOR St. Leonard 6 6-2-19 in An/an/a
SHEEPWASH St. Lawrence 6 12cwt in G Monday n/a
SHERFORD St. Martin 6 12-1-19 in F#n/an/a
SHIRWELL St. Peter 6 11-2-20 in G Wednesday Association
SHOBROOKE St. Swithin 6 12-2-10 in F Thursday Guild
SHUTE St. Michael 65-1-26 in Bb Monday Guild
SIDBURY St. Peter and St. Giles 8 16-1-23 in E Thursday Guild
SIDMOUTH St. Nicholas 1018-2-12 in E Tuesday Guild
SILVERTON St. Mary 8 16-0-11 in F Thursday Guild
SLAPTON St. James the Greater 6 5-1-12 in AFriday 6.30pmn/a
SOURTON St. Thomas of Canterbury 5 7-1-25 in Abn/an/a
SOUTH BRENT St. Petrock 6 13-2-12 in Fn/a Association
SOUTH MILTON All Saints 6 12cwt in F#n/an/a
SOUTH MOLTON St. Mary Magdalene 8 24-2-12 in Dn/an/a
SOUTH POOL St. Cyriac 6 11-0-4 in F#n/an/a
SOUTH TAWTONSt. Andrew 611-3-2 in ETuesdayAssociation
SOUTHLEIGHSt. Lawrence47cwtn/an/a
SOWTON St. Michael and All Angels 89-1-25 in G Thursday Guild
SPREYTON St. Michael 6 12cwt in G Tuesday Association
STAVERTON St. Paul de Leon 6 19-2-14 in Eb Wednesday Association
STOCKLAND St. Michael and All Angels 6 13-0-18 in F Fridayn/a
STOCKLEIGH ENGLISH (unringable)St. Mary 47cwt in A#n/an/a
STOKE CANON St. Mary Magdalene 6 9-3-19 in GMonday 7pmGuild
STOKE FLEMING St. Peter 6 12-2-17 in Fn/a Association
STOKE GABRIEL St. Mary and St. Gabriel 6 17cwt in F Thursday Association
STOKE RIVERS (unringable) St. Bartholomew 5 13cwt in Gn/an/a
STOKEINTEIGNHEAD St. Andrew 6 10-0-3 in G Thursday Guild
STOKENHAM St. Michael and All Angels 6 15-2-6 in F#n/an/a
STOODLEIGH St. Margaret 67-0-3 in A1st and 3rd ThursdayGuild
STOWFORD St. John 6 9cwt in Gn/an/a
SUTCOMBE St. Andrew 66-3-10 in Bbn/an/a
SWIMBRIDGE St. James the Apostle 6 11-3-3 in G# Tuesdayn/a
SYDENHAM DAMEREL St. Mary 6 9cwt in A1st Thursday Guild
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
TALATON St. James the Apostle and Martyr 6 12-2-22 in Fn/an/a
TAVISTOCK St. Eustachius 10 24-0-5 in D TuesdayAssociation & Guild
TAWSTOCK St. Peter 8 16-3-20 in E Thursdayn/a
TEDBURN ST MARY St. Mary the Virgin 6 10-0-6 in Fn/a Association
TEIGNMOUTH (East)St. Michael 8 22-1-0 in Eb Tuesday Guild
TEIGNMOUTH (West) St. James the Less 8 12-2-17 in F# Monday Guild
THELBRIDGE (unringable)St. David 6 8cwt in A n/an/a
THORNBURY St. Peter 5 5-3-18 in Bn/an/a
THORVERTON St. Thomas of Canterbury10 15-0-4 in F n/a Guild
THROWLEIGH St. Mary the Virgin 6 8-1-24 in AbMonday (not always: check)n/a
THRUSHELTON St. George 6 13-0-3 in G#n/an/a
THURLESTONE All Saints 6 13-0-3 in E n/an/a
TIVERTON St. Paul 6 8-3-5 in A Friday Guild
TIVERTON St. Peter 8 25-2-18 in D Tuesday Guild
TORBRYAN Holy Trinity 4 14-2-6 Ab n/an/a
TORQUAY, BABBACOMBE All Saints 8 13-0-26 in F Wednesday Guild
TORQUAY, COCKINGTON St. George and St. Mary 6 8-2-9 in Ab Thursdayn/a
TORQUAY, ST MARYCHURCH St. Mary 10 17-1-24 in E Tuesday Guild
TORQUAY, TOR MOHUN (Gk Orth)The Apostle Andrew 6 9cwt in An/an/a
TORQUAY, UPTON St. Mary Magdalene 8 14-2-12 in F ThursdayAssociation & Guild
TOTNES St. Mary 828cwt in Dn/a Association
TRUSHAM St. Michael and All Angels 6 7cwt in Bbn/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
UFFCULME St. Mary the Virgin 8 21-3-6 in Eb Monday Guild
UGBOROUGH St. Peter 8 19cwt in Ebn/an/a
UPLOWMAN St. Peter 6 8-0-12 in G#n/an/a
UPLYME St. Peter and St. Paul 6 9-2-6 in Gn/an/a
UPOTTERY St. Mary the Virgin 6 17-2-14 in Fn/a Guild
UPTON PYNE (unringable)Our Lady 68.5cwt in An/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
WALKHAMPTON St. Andrew 67-3-12 in Gn/an/a
WARKLEIGH St. John the Evangelist 6 9-1-11 in Abn/aAssociation
WASHFIELDSt. Mary the Virgin610-0-2 in G#n/an/a
WASHFORD PYNESt. Peter67cwt in Bn/an/a
WEARE GIFFARDHoly Trinity6 7-1-26 in An/an/a
WELCOMBESt. Nectan 67-0-17 in Bn/an/a
WEMBURYSt. Werburgh66-1-11 in Bn/an/a
WEST ALVINGTONAll Saints616cwt in F Thursday Association
WEST BUCKLAND St. Peter 67-0-22 in An/an/a
WEST DOWN St. Calixtus 6 8-2-3 in Abn/aAssociation
WEST PUTFORD St. Stephen 64-3-10 in Bbn/an/a
WEST WORLINGTON St. Mary 6 7-3-21 in An/an/a
WESTLEIGH St. Peter 6 11-0-17 in Gn/an/a
WHIMPLE St. Mary 6 12-2-15 in GMondayAssociation
WHITCHURCHSt. Andrew611-1-8 in F Friday Guild
WHITESTONE St. Catherine 6 11.5cwt in G Thursday n/a
WIDECOME IN THE MOOR St. Pancras 8 12-3-14 in En/aAssociation
WIDWORTHY (unringable)St. Cuthbert 57-2-12 in Bbn/an/a
WINKLEIGH All Saints 8 19-0-27 in Eb Tuesday Association
WITHERIDGE St. John the Baptist 823-3-6 in D Fridayn/a
WOLBOROUGH St. Mary 8 15-3-27 in F Friday Guild
WOODBURY St. Swithin 8 23-2-21 in D 1st Wednesday Guild
WOODLEIGH (Ringing not currently permitted)St. Mary56-2-2 in Bbn/an/a
WOOLFARDISWORTHY (or Woolsery) Holy Trinity 67-2-16 in Bbn/an/a
LocationDedicationNo of
Tenor Weight
and Key
Practice NightAffiliation
YARCOMBE St. John the Baptist 6 14-1-4 in En/a n/a
YARNSCOMBE St. Andrew 6 13cwt in Gn/an/a
YEALMPTON St. Bartholomew 6 10-0-9 in F#n/an/a
ZEAL MONACHORUM St. Peter 6 8-0-26 in G# Tuesday Association
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