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Association Festivals

Association Festivals 2017

11th March 2017 - Novice Competition - Burrington - Draw 1pm
Contact - Graham Sharland - Email

22nd April 2017 - Devon Association Open Festival, including the John Scott 10 Bell contest - Crediton
Contact - Ian Avery - Email

13th May 2017 - Devon Association 6 Bell South Qualifier - Tedburn St Mary - Draw 2pm
Contact - Jereme Darke - Email

13th May 2017 - Devon Association 6 Bell North Qualifier - Bradworthy - Bishops Tawton - Draw 2pm
Contact - Stuart Bennie - Email

20th May 2017 - National Call Change Competition - Longborough, Gloucestershire
Contact - Stephen Herniman - Email

27th May 2017 - Devon Association 6 Bell Minor Final - Clawton - Draw 2pm
Contact - Stuart Bennie - Email

10th June 2017 - Devon Association 6 Bell Major Final - Dunsford - Draw 2pm
Contact - Jereme Darke - Email

16th September 2017 - Devon Association 8 Bell Final - South Molton - Draw 2pm
Contact - Stuart Bennie - Email

6 Bell Competition Striking Peal - Sixty on Thirds

8 Bell Competition Striking Peal - Queens

Devon Calls

The Association produces a regular magazine called "Devon Calls", containing all sorts of articles of interest, as well as competition results, for our member towers. To submit an article for the magazine please contact the editor, Colin Adams, who can also be contacted to arrange a personal subscription.

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More to come

Central Council Reforms

Robert Brown, one of our two Central Council representatives, is canvassing the opinion of members of the Devon Association regarding the reforms to Central Council. He writes: "The papers for the next Central Council Meeting have been posted online, and I would like members of the Association to have a look and in particular the proposals for reform of the Central Council (page 425 - Council Review Action Group). Please either post comments on the original post our Facebook page or send to me directly - either message via Facebook or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This is a big issue for the Central Council and its constituent Guilds and Associations, and as such I need to know what the views of members is so I can represent your views. The papers are at (pdf download)."
Please repsond to Robert as the only way that we as ringers and members of the Association can influence these discussions is by getting involved.

Devon Bell Ringers Welcome New Year at Westminster Abbey

A talented team of ringers from across Devon received a special invitation to ring the majestic bells of Westminster Abbey on New Year's Day.

The invitation was issued by the Ringing Master of Westminster Abbey following the team's successful visit to St Paul's Cathedral last year. The team specialises in the 'Devon Call Change' style of bell ringing. This is the first time that the Westminster Abbey bells have been rung in this style and the standard of ringing achieved was very high. The team is led by Scott Adams from Exminster (shown sitting in the centre of the front row.)

Devon Association of Ringers President, Christine Ley, said; "It was a privilege and honour to be invited to ring at the Abbey. A once in a life time, never to be forgotten experience. Ringing has enriched my life in so many ways, everyone should try it."

Devon ringers at Westminster AbbeyRingers pictured (Back Row, Left to Right): Steve Came, Graham Sharland, Alban Forster, Andrew Phillips, Stephen Herniman, William Carew, Tony Jefferies, Steven Facey, Stuart Bennie, Philip Morse, Lee Avery, Sam Massey, Martin Sharland, James Grant.
(Front Row, Left to Right): Colin Adams, Suzanne Driscoll, Christine Ley, Scott Adams, Sue Ashton, Nicola Bennie and Elaine Grant.

For more information about bell ringing in Devon, please contact Devon Association of Ringers President, Christine Ley, on 07890 331478.

The Devon Association of Ringers represents call change church bell ringers in Devon. Founded in 1925, the Association has 160 affiliated towers and arranges training events, socials and festivals throughout the year. The call change tradition emphasises rhythmic ringing in simple musical sequences. Ringers can be of any age and come from all walks of life.

S. Peters Church Zeal Monachorum - the birth place of the Association

The Devonshire Ringing Styles

In Devon we are extremely lucky to have two traditions of ringing styles.
Devon has specialised in call-change ringing. In this style only pairs of bells change at any one time and these are literally called out by the ringing master. Thus, starting with 123456, the first change might be 4 to 5, which would give an order of 123546. This style lays great emphasis on clear striking and this is encouraged by competition ringing where every little variation in place or position is marked. This is a deceptively simple system and the leading exponents are truly masters of their art. The Devon Association represents this style.

Across most of the country the style of ringing known as scientific, method or change ringing predominates. This style operates by altering the sequence of the bells on every stroke of the rope. Thus, if the bells were sounding in the order 123456 then the next stroke would have them sounding 214356 and the stroke after 241635 etc. Until they came back to 123456. With the addition of extra instructions it is possible to ring for three hours or more without repeating the same sequence! This style is represented by the Guild Of Devonshire Ringers

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